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The Power Of Words

There are times I can go a little introspective. Events of the past few months have certainly led to a few weeks of thinking about the responsibility, and power, journalists, PR pros, and authors have in what is our chosen career path.

Kind words, or messages of support, create a friendly community-based world. Harsh and divisive ones destroy countries.

I recently wrote a column for Voices newspaper on the positive changes occurring in the little piece of paradise where I live. The shop at the top of the road is under new ownership and they’re making a lot of good changes. As a new, and friendly, business, I included a paragraph about them in the column.

The next morning, I walked in to buy our usual loaves of bread to be greeted by huge smiles. Their daughter is learning English at school. She’d written me a note saying I was a really important part of the community and they all loved me. I’m glad I was wearing sunglasses, as the moisture in my eyes could have been misconstrued for tears.

It proves my point. People come together like moths around a flame when there’s positivity. It’s incumbent on every journalist to remember this when we write our articles. It’s been decades since divide and conquer became the default setting for politicians and national news outlets. I’m convinced it’s the primary driver behind the anger currently dominating the world.

There are bad things happening in the world. They need to be reported. Imagine how we could change perceptions through the power of our words. We all know we can. There’s far too much “I’m right, you’re wrong” in the world and almost no room for discussion and listening to another point of view. It’s depressing.

Authors have a similar responsibility, but in a different way. Our role is to entertain and educate. The great Freddie Mercury once said, “If I can take people away from their problems for a couple of hours, I’ve done my job.”

A book lasts more than a couple of hours, but sums up our primary role. If we keep it in mind, then even the genre of the destruction of worlds becomes incredibly valuable.

Using our words to entertain and educate has a profound effect. It’s a responsibility we should take very seriously.

The PR industry also plays a major role. There’s been a positive shift over the past decade where companies realise they have an obligation to their communities. Communicating the benefits any organisation brings to the world is vital.

Look at the damage Elon Musk has done with his new plaything. Whatever he may think, he’s destroyed communities and support groups online. It’s a real shame, as he’s also a visionary trying to improve our lives and create a pathway for us to grow. He does a huge amount of good, but by not taking care of how he’s using his words, he often comes across as a sultry teenager.

It’s incumbent on the PR industry to change the narrative and show the good their clients bring to the world. The extra value it gives to any brand is immeasurable.

I’m one of the few whose life falls into all three categories. The introspection means the responsibility can weigh heavily on me at times. None of us will always pick our words wisely. It’s impossible to do so. It is our duty to always try.

A Surprise Encounter

We decided we’d go out last week and have someone else do the cooking. We went to a lovely restaurant nearby called Yas Inn. My bacon sarnie and pint were lovely. They are also launching their new summer menu and a series of upcoming events. Added onto redecorating, they’ve certainly been busy. If you are in Didim this summer, pop in to this great place on Marina Road.

Photo of the outside of Yas Inn, Didim
Yas Inn, Marina Road, Didim

This wasn’t the highlight, though.

What is one meant to do when randomly bumping into another member of the University Of Hertfordshire massif? Order another pint, sit and chat for over three hours, and cover yourself and new-found friend with ink from your leaky fountain pen is, obviously, the correct answer.

Words flowed, and I certainly had an afternoon that will live long in the memory. It shows kindness and laughter in our words lead to positive experiences.

Genius Or Insanity?

A very good friend is releasing her next book later this month. I was fortunate enough to be given an advance copy.

Building The Beast Front Cover

Building The Beast brings together Grand Designs and a 30 year old, 24.5 tonne ex-Army truck. Many of us worry about moving house. Imagine what it’s like racing against time to convert a monster truck into your forever home, especially with some very laidback helpers and the ultimate deadline of being homeless. You can follow the ups and downs as Jacqueline, Mark and the awesome pawsome share the frustrations, and huge amount of laughter, that started with seeing a picture on the internet. Will they have a multi-wheeled home at the end?

There’s a pre-order offer, so jump in and grab this book. It’s superb. Scarily, having chatted to Jacqueline extensively, I’m not even sure this is the craziest thing herself and Mark have done!

Building The Beast Special Offer

We've Been Getting Around Too!

I’ve been writing short stories to submit to the amazing Sue Bavey’s “Not Marriage Material” anthology. If you want to submit something, please do. You can see my submissions and details about how to send your own entry by clicking below.


MaxS and The Stray Army

P.S. If you’re planning your holidays, please put a trip to Didim on the west coast of Turkey on your list of possible destinations. It’s a place with a huge amount to offer. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the stray dogs. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get to meet me!

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Jackie Lambert
Jackie Lambert
Apr 15

Great post.

Words are so powerful.

I've often said I wish they would teach the art of negotiation and compromise in school. Then, maybe politicians who sow division would have a more difficult job. Unfortunately, throughout history and all over the world, divide and conquer has proven to be a very effective strategy.

Thank you for sharing my book.

And you know, you might be right. Buying a 24.5-tonne truck blind off the internet might not be the craziest thing we've ever done... 😂

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