BREAKING NEWS: "It's A Stray Dog's Life" wins Best Children's Book, Best Comedy Book, and Best Book Cover at the Feed My Reads Awards 2022

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Welcome back to the world of the stray dogs.

You can now meet Mumsy as she tries to control her two puppies, Pitch and Putt, despite the best efforts of Snowy to lead them astray.

Join Jasper as he explores his new 'forever' home in Izmir.

Help Toby solve complex crimes. Beware, he's not as clever as he thinks he is.

You'll be introduced to more of their friends, dog, cat and human, as the adventures continue.

Have you ever wondered what dogs are thinking when you look at them?

Now you can find out as Princess, Buster and Snowy share their adventures as stray dogs.

You'll soon realise being a stray dog is much more fun than you thought as you meet their friends, both doggy and human, and spend time living their lives.

You never know, you might make three new friends along the way.


"If you're after a kid's book with real heart, then I recommend "It's A Stray Dog's Life". It's just lovely"

Jane Tweetables on Goodreads


"This is a charming book that offers children (and adults for that matter) an insight into the lives of stray dogs told from the perspective of Princess, Buster, and Snowy. All 3 were stray dogs in Turkey that were offered safe shelter, food, and most importantly cuddles. Each of the dogs has tales to tell and their characters are brought to life with amusing anecdotes and musings. There’s a lot to love about their stories and a few life lessons (for humans too) on these pages."

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