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Stories From A Stray Front Cover

Stories from a Stray is a collection of twenty-two short stories by Maximillian Sam, told in first and third person perspectives which cover a number of different genres.

I highly enjoyed this author’s middle grade novels It’s a Stray Dog’s Life and It’s a Stray Dog’s Life 2 and was interested to see how he would approach writing stories for an older readership. The answer to that is with keen observation of human nature, coupled with suggestions for a better world and believable characters with wide-ranging opinions about everything from law and order, the sport of rugby, social media, life in Turkey and so much more. I found some of these characters were more relatable than others and particularly enjoyed the observations about stereotypical beachgoing lotharios wearing mirrored sunglasses and ‘budgie smugglers’ while talking on their mobile phones in “Tales From My Balcony”. “Tribute to a Friend” was extremely poignant and, I think, a true story. “The Dancing Table” (written by the author when he was eleven) ended with the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers! There is even a recipe for spicy lentil soup included in the book.

Stories From a Stray is an enjoyable anthology and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this author! 

Sue Bavey on Goodreads

Stories From A Stray Front Cover

"A fun, well written and enjoyable read!"

Sophie Bowns on Goodreads

It's A Stray Dog's Life 2 Front Cover
Its A Stray Dogs Life 2 front cover

"A 5-star offering"

Feed My Reads on Goodreads

"More life lessons and advice from the wisest stray dogs on the planet"

Sue Bavey on Goodreads

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover

"A great read"

Feed My Reads on

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover

"An adorable book full of life lessons for children"

Sue Bavey on

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover

"If you’re after a kid’s book with real heart, then I recommend ‘It’s a stray dog’s life’. It’s just lovely!"

Jane @ Tweetables

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover


"I read this wonderful book out of curiosity. I got immersed in a tender story of how dogs interact with other dogs and humans in a sweet and special way. I love it! Max knows how to connect with you as a dog."

Alfredito Paz on

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover
It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover


"This is a charming book that offers children (and adults for that matter) an insight into the lives of stray dogs told from the perspective of Princess, Buster, and Snowy. All 3 were stray dogs in Turkey that were offered safe shelter, food, and most importantly cuddles. Each of the dogs has tales to tell and their characters are brought to life with amusing anecdotes and musings. There’s a lot to love about their stories and a few life lessons (for humans too) on these pages."

Rupert Englander on

It's A Stray Dog's Life Front Cover


"Very well written book. Real stories that you can relate to. I strongly recommend this book to anyone."

Elcin Schipp on

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