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It's A Stray Dog's Life

How it all began

A couple of years ago I had a knock on the backdoor. It was my neighbour and the news wasn't good. She told me my beloved Princess had been hit by a car and killed. I'm not too proud to admit I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day I went and sat drinking coffee in the bar by the beach and started writing about my memories of her. It was cheaper than a therapist after all. Thankfully my neighbour was wrong, but I wasn't to discover that for several weeks.

I kept hearing her bark at night but put it down to middle-aged insanity setting in. I couldn't have been more wrong. Princess is a tough old girl. The car had suffered more damage than her. She'd been taken to the vet and then was looked after by some wonderful people a few streets away. I had heard her barking at night after all.

A month or so after the knock on the door I bumped into some people feeding the dogs on the beach. They invited me back to their house for a coffee and there, in the garden, was Princess. The emotions of the reunion I will leave for you to imagine. These amazing people were just happy they'd reunited me with my best friend. She came home that night and even as I write is asleep in the tent with our two adopted cats, Smokey and Lucky.

The incident set in train a process that, in a week's time, will culminate in "It's A Stray Dog's Life" being published. I sat in our conservatory with her at my feet (and Smokey the cat climbing all over the keyboard) writing about all the stray dog's I've had the pleasure to meet and become friends with. It seems a fitting tribute to them to write about them. All they've ever asked in return is cuddles, tummy tickles and the occasional dog biscuit. The pleasure they've given me has been immeasurable.

So that's how this whole thing started. My love of books and writing collided with a perfect


My commitment to you

Over the past few weeks, since the publication date of "It's A Stray Dog's Life" was announced, I've had several offers of interviews and promotion in return for payment. As such, I make this commitment to you. I will never ask for or accept payment from any contributors to my blog. The interviews will be because I believe they are interesting people with an interesting topic to talk about. I further commit that I will never charge a subscription fee to read my blog. In my opinion sharing is far more important that money.

Coming up

My next blog will, undoubtably, be about the emotions I go through in a week's time as my first book is published. I have a feeling there may be a few tears!

There are certain things I have managed to arrange. In the coming months there will be guest appearance from a film producer, a gentleman that helps run a fan club for a particular English soccer team in the Middle East and an author of sci-fi books. It's a lot to look forward to alongside my own inane musings.

Keep safe, look after each other and remember to smile.

I'll see you next time.

Best wishes

MaxS and the Strays.


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