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Soundtrack Of My Life - Maximilian Sam

We've been having fun with everyone taking part in Soundtrack Of My Life and talking about the songs that define moments in their lives. It's amazing which tunes can bring back vivid memories.

It's now our turn. Especially as we have just published the second edition of It's A Stray Dog's Life. To celebrate we are giving away, not one, but two free short books. You can exclusively download them from the website by clicking on the covers below. We've also included an extra free gift in every download pack.

We've been incredibly busy over the past few months. We're really happy with the website redesign and hope you're finding it easier to navigate. One thing we have stuck with is ensuring people have to register to comment on blog posts. The only reason for this is we have seen others suffer from malicious posts and aren't going to fall into that trap!

We've also been writing several articles for our local newspaper, Voices, about the local area, how much good people volunteering achieves, and much more. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media to see the articles when they appear.

You will also be able to see our return to Daisy Lane Publishing's video podcast. In our first appearance of this series we're talking about book translations. It goes live on 11 June. Keep your eyes peeled, though, as it's not our only appearance of the series.

Finally, we are working hard on the next books. There are going to be a few surprises in store!

So, without further ado. Here's 10 songs that have influenced Maximilian Sam's life. You can download the Spotify playlist by clicking the link below.

Somebody To Love by Queen

I went to boarding school from quite a young age. An offshoot of my parents working abroad. It took me a while to settle in. Dad was back in the UK and came to visit me. He gave me my first ever album (on cassette), Queen Greatest Hits. My favourite track seems to have summed up my single life ever since.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf

Bat Out Of Hell was the first album I bought for myself. It spawned a love of songs that tell a story. Every time I'm struggling to work out where my storyline is going, I listen to this and it seems to bring the creativity back to life.

Paradise City by Guns N Roses

Imagine the scene. Milton Keynes Bowl in the mosh pit with my brother watching Axl and Slash put on an amazing show. One of the great nights with my brother. Paradise City resonates with me as I've spent my life searching for paradise. Some places come very close, but I've not quite found it yet.

I'm A Cider Drinker by The Wurzels

A crazy idea referencing a certain West Country band in the Christmas Pantomime I co-wrote in my University days led to The Wurzels performing live one Friday night. It was amazing. Listening to this brings back so many happy memories of my Uni days. It's also the only time I've drunk cider!

Swing Low by UB40 FT The United Colours Of Sound

2003. Rugby World Cup Final. In the local pub. A 30-something man slides on his knees across the floor with his arms aloft just as Johnny Wilkinson put boot to ball. I probably knew it was going over before he did! I can still see, smell, and feel everything about those moments to this day. Aussies beaten in their own backyard. Go BBQ that!

Max with Richard Hill, Lozza, and the Beast Of Barking
I've been lucky to meet a lot of my rugby heroes over the years

Brain Damage by Pink Floyd

At school we had to write an essay on our favourite poem. As usual, I pushed the boundaries and claimed this was poetry set to music. The title may have influenced my choice too! It was the only time I can remember being passionate about writing an essay. Word counts are just silly (unless you're a journalist. Then they are a way of life). Pushing boundaries saw a few frowns, but I just about got away with it.

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver

I've travelled the world. This is always the song I play as the plane takes off and I close another chapter of my life and start over in yet another country.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Myself and a couple of friends used to play cards every Friday night, drink too much beer, and eat too much pizza. It was cheaper than staying in the pub. I think I learned my poker strategy from this song.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

Wembley. 31 May 1999. Watford vs Bolton Wanderers. 8 games from the end of the season Watford had 2 players sent off against Bury and turned it around to win. A winning streak ensued and the Golden Boys made the playoffs. A penalty shootout against Birmingham City was nail biting, but we got through it thanks to Alec Chamberlain in goal. Myself and my University friend, Ken, were on our way to Wembley to support our heroes, possibly more in hope than expectation. That overhead kick by Nicky Wright and a late Allan Smart goal saw the celebrations go bonkers. Graham Taylor had dragged our club out of the doldrums yet again. He is sorely missed. I ended the day going back to my flat in Victoria, Central London. I stopped in the pub. Only 2 other patrons. Both Bolton fans. I had the good grace to buy them both a pint. Sadly GT is no longer with us, but what he did for my hometown and its football club will never be forgotten. It was the end of an era. This song epitomises it for me.

Words by Boyzone

I'm an author, so words was always going to make this list. I also have a secret, although I'm hoping all video evidence has been destroyed. I shared a stage with Boyzone on a couple of occasions. Imagine bad Dad dancing and you'll get the picture!

As always, I'm going to cheat and add an extra two. It is my blog after all.

Original Theme Tune by The Muppets

I was very fortunate, many moons ago, to be taken to the set of The Muppets in Elstree. I met the late, great Jim Henson and saw the work it took to create what is still my favourite TV show. He even gave me a Kermit The Frog hand puppet as a present. It's another of those days that's never left me.

Tango Man

There's one more moment in my life I have to share. University for me was about having fun. Rag week at the University Of Hertfordshire was fertile ground for the craziness to come out. Those of a certain age will remember the Tango adverts of the time. The deadpan delivery of the great Ray Wilkins lives with me to this day. It should. After all, I spent a week covered in orange make-up running around campus, Harpenden and St. Albans High Streets, and Watford town centre raising a lot of money for charity. It was a crazy thing to do, but I still get contacted by people to this day saying "You were Tango man at Uni". It's one way to be remembered. Scarily I met my then girlfriend whilst dressed up in orange. She dumped me the week after Rag when I'd taken the make up off! There's no accounting for taste.

If you'd like to share your own soundtrack to your life (especially if you have a new book you'd like people to know about), get in touch and we'll do the best we can to include you.

Don't forget the new edition of It's A Stray Dog's Life is out now. You can download Smokey's Story and Batman's Bar from the website. There's plenty of books, merchandise, and downloads to keep you busy.

Smokey's Story cover
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Batman's Bar cover
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Enjoy dancing around the living room everyone.


MaxS and The Stray Army

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Jackie Lambert
Jackie Lambert
Jun 10

Great soundtrack, Tango Man!

Keep pushing the boundaries. Pink Floyd is definitely poetry set to music. I argued (successfully) in a school economics class that they are also a great example of perfectly inelastic supply! :-)

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