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Welcome to the World of Maximilian Sam

Welcome to the official blog of author Maximilian Sam.

My aim over the coming months is to give you an insight into my world as an author. I'll be bringing you news about my books, photos and anecdotes especially about my family of stray animals. This coincides with the publication of my first children's book "It's A Stray Dog's Life" available from 28 February 2022 or for pre-order right now.

You'll be able to follow all the adventures through this blog, my social media channels (Facebook: authormaximiliansam, Twitter: maxsamauthor and Instagram: authormaximiliansam) or, of course, on my website. There'll be photos, and answers to some of your questions on the website. If there is anything you'd like to know, advice you're looking for or any other topic that springs to mind then please don't hesitate to ask. I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can but I do have a day job too that, occasionally, expects me to do some work!

My aim is to update the blog every couple of weeks to talk about topics that I hope interest you. For example my next blog will give an insight into how "It's A Stray Dog's Life" was born. As time goes by I'll be telling you about my journey as an author from those days of writing ideas in my notebook to actually seeing my words in print. There'll also be updates on my crazy band of stray animals, stories from the countries I've lived in around the World, the odd recipe idea, some guest writers and, of course, cheers and tears depending on how my beloved Saracens and Watford FC are performing.

I'll also highlight any competitions and giveaways happening across my social media sites so you won't miss out on anything.

One final thing, I take no responsibility if your children read the book and demand a new addition to the household! If you do decide to go down the route of bringing a new member into your family there are many great charities out that that rehouse animals. It's well worth doing the research. Please do take their advice. You can expect to be giving lots of cuddles and tummy tickles to any animal you welcome into your home for many years to come. The love and laughter you receive will make every second worth while.

I'll sign off my first blog with a quick reminder you can now pre-order "It's A Stray Dog's Life". I hope you enjoy it as much as myself and my stray dogs did putting it together.

All the best

MaxS and the Strays


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